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 I feel like we all live in our own world. The interesting thing is that some people notice it and others don’t. And unfortunately in some cases we don't know that our own reality is being shaped or influenced by something or someone else. We wake up with a song in our heads, a soundtrack to our lives if you will. Its a way for us to feel at ease with ourselves in the world around us, and as a society we tend to project our personas into this mental film we call "life" or "perspective" as if we are the main character amongst a cast of billions. The way we dress, the words we choose to use and even the people we fall in love with are all a part of this character we imagine ourselves as in our heads. I believe its how we determine what’s good, what’s bad, what’s right, and what’s wrong in society. Some of us want to be extras in the background while others want to be the star. People like me, the creative, the risk takers, are the set designers and directors of that film we call life. They are constantly learning and developing ideas. As a painter the canvas is considered to be the landscape or the plane in which the creation manifests, but as a photographer the landscape is infinite.  I like to paint pictures with photos and as a photographer I look at every subject as the star of the film and my eyes are the camera. If I’m shooting in color I treat it like I’m painting in color, If I’m shooting in black and white I treat it like I’m painting in black and white. I also think the ‘rule of thirds’ is extremely important in all forms of art. It’s not about symmetry it’s more about making the right formula for the eyes to absorb. I believe a good photograph, like a painting, has to have certain elements. Balance, color, tone, and the ability to tell its own story are some of the things I focus on when I produce images. I want the viewer to take my version of someone else’s inner movie and interpret it in his or her own way. It’s amazing how people can project themselves through their critiques of my work. The questions that come up are generally out of curiosity, and the impression the viewer gets is meant to stir emotion and make people happy, sad, horny, angry, etc. etc., but in actuality its really just a movie character they either did or didn’t like. I also think about how shooting architecture is actually an amazing way to get a better grasp on shooting people. The world landscape is the infinite backdrop for any photos and the best part about that is it will always be there. My paintings are more therapeutic. When I paint I like start out with the initial excitement that a blank, clean surface gives an artist but the process itself, for me, is a therapeutic assembly line of color, texture, and emotion. It is a manifestation of my joy, stress, sadness and pain in the form of cosmic colorful explosions, clean technical line work and graffiti inspired typography. It takes about 2 weeks to make smaller paintings under 24”x 36” and a lot of time goes into each panting because everything is drawn free hand with a “controlled” paint Splatter. The typographical line work is the result of over 20 years of graffiti and mural art production, along with extensive pen and ink work.


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